Blackbird is committed to reducing the millions upon millions of tons of waste accumulating in landfills around the globe. Blackbird is dedicated to providing its customers with eco-friendly and biodegradable plastic masking kits, orbs and racks.

Blackbird has made significant investments in making our processes and aviation products sustainable. All products are fully recyclable and due to the material production and new collection system, they bring their contribution to a greener world.

The company now offers a full line of free plastics bins to replace any recycled inventory. All the removal is free, from small 10 gallon containers to 300+ gallon receptacles.

Blackbird’s recycling program processes a wide variety of materials from plastics, abs, nylon, acrylic, polyester, polcarb, films, LOPE, HDPE, PS to PP.

The bin recycling program is just one of several earth-friendly Blackbird product and service initiatives. Please contact us at (954) 482-4269 or for more information.