In a time where we must take every vital precaution to stay protected in our community, we have pivoted our aviation production facility to provide essential protection for our local, essential workers. Blackbird Design’s acrylic hygiene barriers / sneeze guards / cough guards are a safe and sanitary solution for any setting. Our hygiene barriers/sneeze guards work as safeguards and are now in high demand for a variety of commercial settings where people interact with one another including restaurants, doctor’s offices, retail stores, offices, and even cars.

While social distancing mandates that people stay a minimum of 6 feet apart, there are circumstances where this is largely impractical. Blackbird Design’s acrylic hygiene barriers/sneeze guards prevent the spread of germs between individuals by providing a physical barrier between them. This helps to preclude the possibility of airborne virus particles from traveling between people. This is an essential solution for our essential workers!

If you know anyone or your store can use one of these, contact us and we can build one for you immediately. Designers are on hand for custom sizes. Contact Rich Brown with any questions. Please stay safe and healthy!