Blackbird designs and manufactures patented paint masking kits for aircraft wheels and brakes. This allows masking or unmasking in less than two minutes – a dramatic saving in both time and expense over the current method with zero waste. Blackbird’s current customers include Boeing / Aviall, Honeywell, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Aerolineas Argentinas and Copa Airlines.

Blackbird is a disruptor in the repair and overhaul space, seeking to displace the current antiquated and labor-intensive method of manually masking wheels and brakes. Currently, after aircraft wheel and brake housings and landing gears are repaired, most overhaul centers rely on masking tape so these areas can be primed, repainted and coated to minimize corrosion. The tape is stretched and then trimmed to size with razor blades – a process that’s both tedious and labor intensive at nearly an hour per wheel or brake. For example, a 737 that uses a Blackbird masking kit can save a full days’ labor costs in this wheel and brake preparation (masking and unmasking) time alone.

• Reduce labor in wheel painting overhauls by 95%
• Meet OEM specs detailed in the overhaul manuals
• Eliminate waste and excessive disposable tape purchasing
• Reduce injuries, workman compensation claims, and overtime
• Provide product consistency
• Feature easy snap-on design

All of our products can be custom made to each customers’ specifications, with different sizes, shapes and colors. Small and large orders are welcome. Please contact us at (954) 482-4269 or for more information.